StartingBlock Fitness, LLC
1125 Patrick Henry Drive | Arlington, VA 22205

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StartingBlock Fitness, LLC

Welcome to StartingBlock Fitness, LLC. We are in our seventh year as a blended psychotherapy and fitness practice rooted in the idea that physical health and fitness is an integral part of overall mental health. We offer individual, diad and group sessions in a warm and safe environment.

Our large indoor space in North Arlington has both traditional cozy therapy rooms and a full carpeted gym for fitness. Located adjacent to parks and the beautiful W&OD trail, we even have the capacity to bring the lovely outdoors into our therapy sessions!

The foundation of our practice is warmth and caring. We strive to make each client feel safe and secure which is the necessary foundation for intrapsychic work (and physical work too if the client chooses!). With mutual trust, we collaborate with you to help you gain an awareness and better understanding of your challenges so that we can help you build the capacity to best accomplish and achieve the life you desire.

Albert Einstein said "the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created those problems". We believe in this for both mental and physical health. Let us help you find a better way.